If you asked a broker, manager, or owner of commercial real estate in 2016 if they had heard of an innovative real estate technology start-up (or any real estate technology start-up for that matter) they would either say VTS and/or Hightower.  If you then asked the follow up, “which one do they like better?” there was usually confusion and a question: “What is the difference between VTS and Hightower.”

We now have the answer.  They are one company, under the VTS name, and poised to become the largest success story in RE tech since Loopnet.  As an investor in and huge supporter of the VTS team, we are excited about the direction the new VTS-Hightower team is headed.  They are continuing to innovate, and just last week publicly announced that they will be hosting what is sure to be an industry leading Innovation Conference for Commercial Real Estate.  Additionally, they continue to attract great talent to help drive their rapid growth.

VTS is far and above the leading lease workflow tool in the trillion dollar real estate industry.  Congrats to the VTS team and we look forward to catching up at the VTS conference!